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How to cyber-safe behaviour at work without grouch

How to cyber-safe behaviour at work without grouch ?

Business etiquette has one golden rule: treat others with respect and care. The same is true for encouraging cyber safety at work, on everything from password security to keeping valuable information like tax file numbers safe. But how can you encourage cyber-safe behaviour at work

how to help your teen get enough sleep

How to help your teen get enough sleep, back to school

When the holidays end, barring a fresh outbreak of COVID-19, teenagers across Australia will head back to school. Some will bounce out of bed well before the alarm goes off, excited to start a new school year, but many others will drag themselves to the

Huawei decision a rare example of evidence

Huawei decision a rare example of evidence?

The spooks say the risks can be managed while the economic damage of removing Huawei would have been huge. New restrictions have been placed on the company but will they buy off the critics?  Purely from the perspective of UK plc, Boris Johnson has. The controversial company

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Capcom Should and Shouldn’t Remake Resident Evil 4

Called a great return and a positive trend again when Resident Evil 4 Village released the latest trailer. With a giant character that captures the hearts of gamers around the world. But in the midst of the interest of Resident Evil Village, Who are happy

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Walt Disney May Finally Make Netflix Sweat

Walt Disney only seems like a cautious company. Fairly new to the streaming world, the entertainment giant has caught on quick. Disney+, its first streaming service under its flagship brand that launched only last November, now has 86.8 million paying subscribers. That’s about where the

CEO of Huawei takes real iPhone 12

CEO of Huawei takes real iPhone 12, 5G smartphone in the world.

Huawei is a rapidly growing company.  In particular, the smartphone business, which is entering the top of the world rankings. According to Forbes, Huawei puts the system closer to Apple, trying to control the system’s build, both hardware and software. The head of Huawei business in

When Spotify is about to start wiretapping

When the popular music streaming platform Spotify How will it be If in the future we will have a close friend and friend. That consolation in the time of discouragement Or to congratulate when he is happy And understand us in every emotion that is not “human” but “music app”.

5 Tech Trends, Tips, and Things

5 Tech Trends, Tips, and Things to Look Out For in 2021

What can we expect from gadgets and tech trends in general in 2021? The business of making predictions can be tricky, because as 2020 has proven, anything can happen. With people confined to their homes, video conferencing has taken off like never before. Economic constraints have


SONY ALPHA 7S III FULL-FRAME MIRRORLESS CAMERA, 12.1 MILLION RESOLUTION, 4K 120P 10-BIT 4: 2: 2 VIDEO . EVEN IN SMALL SPACES SUPPORT FOR USE IN BOTH STILL PHOTOGRAPHY AND TO PROFESSIONAL FILM WORK The Sony A7S III is a full-frame mirrorless sensor camera. Autofocus is fast and accurate, with the camera the autofocus system