5 top cameras! “The best” in the 2021 edition!

In recent years Each brand has launched several cameras to compete. 

Start at  “The toughest camera! (Battery) ” is the SONY α6600 camera itself! It is a flagship camera that, in addition to the sound of praise from the packed camera specs, the α6600 is a full-fledged APS-C camera.

Which has both still images captured up to 24.2 pixels resolution and 4K video as well, thanks to the Sony α6600 camera with 5-axis stabilization that reduces the shake up to 5 stops, making our photography smooth Up And this camera can also add a connector for both microphone and headphones Coming to the strengths of the SONY α6600 camera battery coupled with the NP-FZ100 battery model known for its durability and durability. In actual use, after a day of testing, it can shoot 600 still images and 20 minutes of video. The battery of this camera is still around 20%. Resistant (battery) a lot!

Let’s move on to the next camera, “the most vintage camera!” Very trendy at the moment with film camera playback, that is, the FUJIFILM X-Pro 3! The exterior body of the camera is designed in the form of a rangefinder (old film camera-style side viewfinder) with a blend of film and digital cameras.

This FUJIFILM X-Pro 3 camera is not just good looking! In the function section. The camera can also take pictures of 11 different color replicas of film in the past, the Fujifilm Superia, and the new classic film in the camera, CLASSIC Neg. Take photos of up to 9 frames, and even use different film colors in this mode!