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SONY ALPHA 7S III FULL-FRAME MIRRORLESS CAMERA, 12.1 MILLION RESOLUTION, 4K 120P 10-BIT 4: 2: 2 VIDEO . EVEN IN SMALL SPACES SUPPORT FOR USE IN BOTH STILL PHOTOGRAPHY AND TO PROFESSIONAL FILM WORK The Sony A7S III is a full-frame mirrorless sensor camera. Autofocus is fast and accurate, with the camera the autofocus system



5 cameras for the 2021 trip to take beautiful pictures, stylish design, which model to buy? Anyone who likes to travel. Take memorable photos, I would like to have a beautiful camera to take out for a trip. Today we have gathered information for those who

Modern PC notebooks worth buying by Intel CPU power

Modern PC notebooks worth buying by Intel CPU power

Don’t know how to choose Which laptop should I buy? That meet the needs of use And of course, we have Modern PC notebooks worth buying and using. Intel CPU power come together. But before looking at what notebook models are there Some people who are still wondering “what is Modern

10 Most Downloaded Apps So Far Social reigns 2020

In the past year, Tiktok has been the most downloaded app worldwide. With over 850 million downloads worldwide The other rank is Tiktok 850 million times. WhatsApp 600 million times. Facebook 540 million times. Instagram 530 million times. Zoom 477 million times. Messenger 430 million times. Telegram

5 gadgets because they are not yet sold in Thailand.

In the world of digital age, anything that is not cool is difficult, like the gadgets that many people tend to say are modern toys. But in reality, gadgets are not really toys. But it can still be used seriously as well, even if some gadgets

The 10 best PC games

PC games remains on the front lines of innovation. Why 10 PC games, though? Any less makes it hard to narrow things down, and any more might be overwhelming. Twenty-two games is a solid number of titles, spread across multiple genres, with selections for just

The essential 10 Xbox Game Pass games

The essential 10 Xbox Game Pass games

So many of us are lonely during this games holiday season. We may be sick, or have sick family members. Or maybe everyone in your family is healthy, and you’re being responsible by not having a large gathering.  Which is where games come in. These 10

What did 2021 mean for the games industry?

A cold financial calculation games would characterize this year as a massive success, but it was much more than just numbers. People had nowhere else to go, so they headed into virtual worlds and stayed there. When Animal Crossing: New Horizons came out in March, just as

21 indie video games to look forward to in 2021

21 indie video games to look forward to in 2021

Video games there were plenty of weird and wonderful indie games to look forward to in 2020. I’m happy to report that there are plenty more to keep an eye out for in 2021. Looking through these upcoming games was exciting. There are so many interesting, weird, and

Trump agreed with the TiKTok and Oralcle-Walmart deals

Previously, there were concerns about the TikTok ban in the US, along with an ultimatum filed by President Trump. That will not have apps From China, it is possible to get into US citizens information, including popular chat apps. News reports say President Trump Approved in principle for a