AFTERMATH, a survival thriller set to be released in 2022

AFTERMATH, META Publishing and developer of the ONE-O the-the ONE the Game s, today announced a new game. A new line scare hitting the market video game titles  AFTERMATH game thriller survival is schedule for the year 2022 for the platform, the Playstation 5 , the Xbox the Series, the Playstation. 4, Xbox One and PC via the Steam store, Epic Game s Store and GOG are some of the games to watch with their high quality graphics and fresh content. Should be a favorite for gamers who play the story and have an interesting Game play system. Because we will be able to use firearms to fight for survival against some creatures that shouldn’t be mess with.

You take on the role of Charlie Gray, a talented engineer and European astronaut. Which she was given a mission to fly into space for a period of time. But after returning to the world There was an unexpected event because everything was completely dark. Charlie now finds himself alone in a dying world. The only thing she knew and had to do first. Well, she has to find the one thing that matters most in her life, “Sammy.” Who will she be and. What will be the story will follow soon.