Microsoft started using 64-bit app run wizard on Windows on ARM

Indeed, Microsoft predated the ARM computing market before Apple by releasing the Surface Pro X with Qualcomm’s flagship processor, Microsoft SQ1 (a Snapdragon development), but the problem is that most of the programs still run on the platform. This is not Windows on ARM at all. I have not been born yet.

But after Apple released the Apple M1, an ARM processor for Mac devices and the use of Rosetta 2 to help with the programming, it seems that Microsoft is accelerating its development by now testing an emulator to convert x64 programs. Can now run on Windows on ARM

Microsoft today released the first preview update of Windows on ARM, Build 21277, for developers to test it out. Of course, it was reputed to be a test version. General users will have to wait.

This is a great step forward for Microsoft because the main problem with Windows on ARM is that the apps or programs are less supported, causing common users to turn to use as well.

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