“Smart watches” new to use from famous brands

The smartwatch is one of the gadgets that are becoming more and more popular with modern people as they can take advantage of features and features more than a normal wristwatch. Especially in the area of ​​health and fitness That will help enhance the daily life is more convenient and smart Today we have selected the latest smartwatches from various brands that are interesting and worth buying in 2021 to choose from. Let’s go and see.

1. Apple Watch Series 6

Smart Watch 2021

Apple Watch Series 6 retains the original design. It comes with an Always-on Retina Display that is 2.5 times brighter than before. It uses a S6 processor chip that is 20% stronger than the previous generation. It has a sensor for measuring blood oxygen levels. And alerts when the body’s oxygen level is too low There will also be a new (PRODUCT) RED and blue aluminum case, as well as a seamless Solo Loop band, without any buckle or clasp, and new customizable faces. More

Starting price 13,400 baht

2.Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Smart Watch 2021

Images from samsung.com

Samsung’s newest smartwatch comes with a special rotating bezel for easy access to apps.The screen is larger than the previous model. But still light and thin Comfortable to wear The watch strap is genuine leather. Looks premium Along with various health and fitness features including sleep detection 120+ exercise sensors detect health problems Including showing notifications and reading messages from mobile phones

Starting price 14,900 baht

3.Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro

Smart Watch 2021

Images from huawei.com

The top new smartwatch from Huawei with a sapphire face. It is strong and durable. Cool design Circular dial You can choose from more than 200 screens, the battery lasts up to 2 weeks. Choose from over 100 modes, plus it has sleep and heart rate monitoring features. Ready to help alert malfunctions 24 hours a day and of course can connect to a mobile phone Play music And supports wireless charging as well

Price 9,990 baht

4.Xiaomi Mibro Air Smart Watch

Smart Watch 2021

Images from mibrofit.com

An affordable smartwatch from the Xiaomi brand that comes with a circular face, a 1.28-inch color screen and a full range of features including heart rate detection. Helps alert when the heart is working abnormally. Can detect sleep And other fitness features, works with the Mibro Fit mobile app, features IP68 waterproof, internal 200mAh battery, can standby for up to 25 days and normal use for up to 10 days. Hold to read messages and notifications

Price $ 59.99 (about 1,800 baht)

5. realme Watch

Smart Watch 2021

Picture from realme.com

The first smartwatch from realme that comes with a large 1.4-inch color screen with a resolution of up to 320 x 320 pixels, you can choose to change the face design according to your favorite style. It can measure real-time heart rate and measure blood oxygen level. Track all activities of daily life Helps keep users’ health 24 hours a day, with smart notifications and 14 exercise modes, plus buttons to control music and mobile cameras.

Starting price 2,499 baht

6.Vivo Watch

Smart Watch 2021

Image from vivo.com

This year Vivo is also another brand that has launched its first smartwatch. The 42mm model has a 1.19-inch 390 x 390 326ppi screen, and the 46mm model has a 1.39 inch 454 x 454 pixel 326ppi screen that can measure blood oxygen levels. And can measure heart rate Including support for 11 exercise modes, 42 mm model, battery can be used for 9 days, 46 mm model can be used for up to 18 days, it can also be waterproof to 50 meters for 10 minutes.

Price 1,299 yuan (about 6,000 baht)

7. OPPO Watch Series

Smart Watch 2021

Images from oppo.com

OPPO Watch has several advantages. Whether it’s a Flexible Hyperboloid Display with a 1.91-inch 3D curved bezel, an AMOLED screen with a screen-to-body ratio of 72.76%, a resolution of 402 x 476 pixels (336ppi), it also supports eSIM, making it possible to use Telephone or internet can be built in without needing a mobile connection. Can have a phone number Own split Or you can use the same number as your mobile phone as well As for the health features, it supports both heart rate and sleep rate monitoring. Including various fitness features and is waterproof to a depth of 50 meters, you can wear comfortably

Starting price 5,999 baht

8. Garmin Instinct Esports Edition

Smart Watch 2021

Image from garmin.com

A gaming smartwatch designed for pro gamers. Comes with a cool design There are tons of esports features, including game profile creation It can measure your heart rate and stress levels to show results while streaming games. In addition, it also has fitness features. Viewing notifications from mobile The battery can last up to 80 hours in Esports mode.

Price $ 299.99 (about 9,000 baht)

9. Fitbit Versa 3

Smart Watch 2021

Image from fitbit.com

A smartwatch that focuses on fitness enthusiasts With various fitness features including heart rate detection and sleep detection, GPS support can accurately pinpoint location and route on a map. Show notifications and receive and send messages from mobile phones It has a battery that can last up to 6 days, in addition, it can also play music.

Price 9,190 baht

10. Amazfit GTR 2

Smart Watch 2021

Images from amazfit.com

Classic design smartwatch Comes with a circular dial The edge is curved, 3D borderless, is a 1.39-inch AMOLED screen, able to choose from a variety of styles. Always-On Display time hand display, complete with health and fitness features Helps detect heart rate and alert abnormalities for 24 hours and can also measure blood oxygen level as well. In addition, it can also play music with a built-in battery that lasts up to 14 days.

Price 6,499 baht

In addition to the aforementioned smartwatches There are also many interesting new smartwatches from different brands. Anyone who is interested in any model can grab money to find the owner.

10 photos of the new 2021 smartwatches from famous brands