Google remembers Voice exists, adds new missed call and caller ID features

Tweaks to missed calls, caller ID, and SMS messages google voice.

From the missed calls or voicemail sections of the ufabet mobile Google Voice app, you can now learn why you might have missed a call (for example, Do Not Disturb was on), and receive directions on how to make sure that doesn’t happen again (turning Do Not Disturb off).

Google remembers Voice exists, adds new missed call and caller ID features

gg announced it’s adding new caller ID, missed call, and SMS message features to Google Voice on Wednesday. The otherwise minor update is notable because Google Voice has fallen to the wayside while gg focused on other messaging boondoggles.

If you use gg Voice on iOS to forward calls to your personal number, now you can have the app display your Google Voice number on caller ID rather than the original linked number.

Google’s various attempts to connect people outside of Gmail have long been somewhat confuse,

we’ve even made a timeline of the journey so far — but Voice, in particular, has felt forgotten in the wake of gg Fi offering a more traditional phone service. Voice received a redesign in 2018, and a dark mode in 2020, but as a business-oriented Workspace product,

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