9 problems with the “Apple M1” you must know

Apple introduced the Mac with the Apple M1 processor or the powerful ARM chip, covering Intel, but since the Apple M1 is new, it is natural to have some problems. There’s no perfect way to lose everything, and here are 10 problems with the Apple M1 that you should know before you buy it.

1. Only one external screen can be connected

All Macs with the Apple M1 currently support only one Thunderbolt external display, which Apple has clearly stated on the device’s details page, but with a Mac, Intel supports a large number of external displays. The most 2 screens, only 4K resolution, but if more than 4K, you can get one screen

Another problem from the off-screen connection The testers found that the Mac Apple M1 occasionally experienced drop frame rates. It was tested with a Pro XDR Display connected, specifically with Launchpad enabled.This issue was not found on Intel Macs.

2.Only 2 USB-C ports

It seems to be the problem of the first version For serious workloads that need a lot of ports, it might feel awkward with just two Macs. But this can be fixed by paying for additional hubs, such as the Mac mini with two Thunderbolt Controller ports, which are Thunderbolt 4 ports, each of which supports additional USB-C hubs. Two ports each That means If we continue to buy a special hub We will have additional USB-C ports, total of 4 ports.

But this Thunderbolt 4 hub is affordable. It should be difficult to find in Thailand as well. Anyone who wants to get a 4-port finish in one device, must wait and see the next version.

3. Disk speed is slower than Intel.

In testing, it was found that if we were connected to external storage, it was obvious that the disk read / write speed was significantly slower than the Intel model, which is not yet known exactly what Apple intended. Is it slower or is it a bug in the system?

4. Video editing plugins are not supported.

Even though Final Cut Pro shows its power to be so brutal that Intel has to run away, but because the Apple M1 is new. Problems for anyone who wants a plug-in to use, such as motion vfx, m callout is not compatible with Apple M1, so if you think that the work we do requires a lot of extras, do not forget to find details about supported and unsupported software. Well first

5. Video Encode quality is worse than Intel.

Still in the video section, of course, video encoding on Apple M1 devices is undoubtedly faster than Intel. But users have reported that the quality is inferior to that of Intel, and this is just a report from some users. The testers said more tests will be done and details will be added later.

6. iOS apps are not down a lot

Although the new Macs come with the Apple M1, an ARM processor that has the advantage of being able to run apps from mobile platforms like the iPhone and iPad, in fact there are no apps on the Mac App Store. Or games from the iOS side, all require a wizard to install, which is a bit tricky

7. Goodbye Windows

By jumping from Intel to ARM processors, we are no longer able to install Windows on Mac (at least for now). As a result, we are unable to use Windows 10, including the Wiindows side programs. It can be a problem for many people who have a need to run Windows, with Apple telling the device to run. But it depends on Microsoft to accept it or not.

However, now that developers are able to install Windows 10 in a virtual way, the future seems to be a possibility as well.

8.Bluetooth problem

Macs using the Apple M1 appear to have issues with Bluetooth connections to devices such as wireless mice. This problem is not only the testers. But there are still reports from many users, the problem may also be caused by software, which requires Apple to resolve.

9. Low fan cycle

Although the Apple M1 is low power. High efficiency But if it is used heavily, it can also cause heat. In heavy testing, the MacBook Pro – Apple M1 has a temperature that bounced to 92 degrees Celsius, but the problem is that Apple chooses to set the fan speed low. To produce as little noise as possible The problem that follows is that the heat will drain more slowly. Affect the overall performance of the machine anyway

But if someone doesn’t use that much, it doesn’t seem to be too much of a concern.