5 gadgets because they are not yet sold in Thailand.

In the world of digital age, anything that is not cool is difficult, like the gadgets that many people tend to say are modern toys. But in reality, gadgets are not really toys. But it can still be used seriously as well, even if some gadgets are super hi-tech or home-style. But believe that the following 5Gadget is really great.

NEEO Remote

One of today’s problems is the plethora of remote controls, including air conditioners, TVs, media boxes, Blu-ray players, sound systems.  Which are usually large and in shape, not different from regular remote controls

But for NEEO, this is a smart remote that finds out what devices can be remote controller in that area, with NEEO able to control all kinds of devices that need a remote. The key point is the charger that distributes the waveforms to various devices. Which supports all connection frequencies Called younger One computer ever.

Salt Gun

This gadget is said to be made for real use. Not a toy because this is a gas pistol. That provides effective protection And not as dangerous as real guns Because of the intention of creating this gun for real self defense Because real guns are highly dangerous, they can ruin life. And if the gun goes into the wrong hands, it can be fatal to the gun owner.

While the red pods inside will charge the pepper spray. Of course, the speed of the bullet could not be fatal. But can stop and stop the cause for a while Even when the bullet sprayed the pepper.  Will have enough time to rectify the situation or can arrest and send the police to continue.