When Spotify is about to start wiretapping

When the popular music streaming platform Spotify

How will it be If in the future we will have a close friend and friend. That consolation in the time of discouragement Or to congratulate when he is happy And understand us in every emotion that is not “human” but “music app”.

It is common apps Application Streaming music will include features to recommend music to its own users. Various music streaming apps continue to recommend music.

It takes quite a long time for the system to learn the users’ true preferences precisely. That is still not good enough to be able to surpass other competitors.

The technology is one of several technical innovations that Spotify intended to patent over the last year. Behind the scenes, the data clusters of this wiretapping technology include the rhythm of the sound, tone, tone of voice, as well as the intensity and speed of speech.

Which after the system records these sounds in each period, the chatter (account owner) is at any gender. Or with a group of friends It’s not enough The system also analyzes the lifestyle of the users in which places they like to go as well.

However, the aggregate of these wiretapping technologies will only be use with music streaming apps like Spotify.

To benefit the goals that were actually set in the soon This will definitely give Spotify the edge over competitors like JOOX, Apple Music and YouTube Music.