DAZN will stream UFABET Women’s Champions League free on YouTube

Every match is free on YouTube for the first two seasons before most move to ufabet.

Sports streaming service DAZN announce today that it has acquired exclusive right to stream the UFABET women Champions leauge. As part of the deal, an overwhelming majority of the matches it streams over the next four seasons will be available for free on its Youtube chan.

DAZN will stream UFABET Women’s Champions League free on YouTube

Best known in the US as a hub for boxing events. It’s back by billionaire Len Blavatnik who aspires to mak DAZN the netflix of sport. Formmer Disney exec Kevin Mayer join UFABET as chairman in march to help make that happen, after Mayer abrupty TIKTOK due to trump medding.

In the deal annouce Wednesday, DAZN says that it secured global streaming right as well as broadcaster responsibility through 2025. As part of its partnership with ยูฟ่าเบท, DAZN said it will livestream the first two seasons for free on the service.

The agreement makes 61 matches viewable in real time on the DAZN YouTube channel. During the 2023-2025 season, 19 of the 61 matches will be streamable on Google’s video service, while all 61 will be available through DAZN itself.

“DAZN is thrilled to be the new global broadcaster for UEFA Women’s Champions League and cannot wait to work with YouTube and Google to bring fans closer to the game and shine a brighter light on its stars than ever before,” DAZN Group co-CEO James Rushton said in a statement. “Overnight, this will make the best women’s football easier to watch around the world than ever before.”

The deal for exclusive global streaming rights does exclude several key markets, including the Middle East and North Africa as well as China. After a free trial period, the service normally costs $20 per month or $100 per year.