Basic football betting online, teach newbies how to start gambling?

Newbies learning to football betting online must learn many basics. Because to start betting without our knowledge at all In every investment there is always a loss. and may result in losing bets for free. Because at the start you will be discouraged. Be call Football betting is not an easy science. But it’s not difficult to bet.

So, first, let’s start getting to know the science of football betting at the same time, before doing a check or pressing a pair. Because every investment has risk. Investors should study the information before making an investment decision. So let’s look at the basic data model better ทางเข้า ufabet

Football betting Must look at the football price!

Football prices or handicap odds (Handicap), abbreviated HDP, is often use in online football betting. The price of each ball will be call differently. However, the gain-loss will depend on whether Which side do we bet on? Because the ball price will have both the next team and the secondary team before making online football betting Initially, the method for viewing the football price rate will begin. Or known in a neat way that the odds of 0.0 or the tie itself. Which bets are very diverse, today we will understand each other more 

How to see football prices football betting online 

    : Price 0.0 (per draw, white) means that no team will be contenders or underdogs regardless of which side of the bet. If the result of the match comes out. It will be a tie, but if any team wins.

    : price 0.25, 0-0.5 (P.A., draw and half). Explain in a local language. Assuming the player bets on which team is against and the result of the match ends in a draw. In this case, if bet on the under team we will also get half payout 

    : odds 0.5 (half ball ) If you bet on the next team. You only have to win in order to get the full bet. And most importantly, must win more than 1 ball or more, if a draw or lose is a full loss 

    : price 0.5 /1 (half merger) if the player chooses to bet on the team The next team must shoot at least 2 goals in order to be able to eat fully. If they shoot 1 ball, they will eat only half. If draw and lose, it will lose full. For the underdog team losing only one goal will get half. always get full Losing can be full as well. 

    : Price 1 (one ball or lift) If we choose a team to shoot 1 ball or lose on the same score. It will be consider a draw. which if you bet If we continue to play, the team must win 2 or more goals 

    : price 1/1.5, 1.25 (half-ball). If we bet on the next team, must win 2 or more goals. Because if losing 1 ball, half the money will be lost. One loses in full, but in the case of a minor team gets half the money per ball. And get full when losing 2 goals 

    : Price 1.5 (half) For this bet, the next team must win 2 or more goals only to eat fully. Because if you shoot only 1 goal, you will lose half the bet, lose full. For the secondary team, if you lose 1 goal, get half the money, but if draw, get it completely     

    : Price 1.5/2 (1.75) Half merged two. Refers to the next team must win from 3 or more goals only to be fully eaten. If they shoot 2 goals, they will get half the money. If they draw, lose or shoot 1 ball, they will lose money immediately.