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Apple’s AirTags will work with Android... sort of

Apple’s AirTags will work with Android… sort of

Apple’s tiny Tile competitor will have limited Android support. Apple’s AirTags have one feature not mentioned during the announcement yesterday: they’ll work with Android to a limited extent. As 9to5Mac noted, there’s a support article on Apple’s site that details how AirTags will work with an Android device if you don’t

Apple’s latest iMacs are fast and familiar

Apple’s latest iMacs are fast and familiar

The design is still the same, but the performance jump is real. There isn’t much I can tell you about the new iMacs that you likely don’t already know. Apple has used the same design for both the 21.5-inch and 27-inch versions of the iMac since

Upcoming phones: The future smartphones of 2021

With the pace of smartphone 2021 evolution moving so fast, there’s always something waiting in the wings. No sooner have you spied the latest handset, that there’s anticipation for the next big thing. Here we look at those phones that haven’t yet launched, the upcoming